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Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

the tea house sarasota fl

The Tea House Sarasota FL

Escape the everyday at this quaint and comfortable shop.

Owner Jill had always dreamed of owning a tea house because she loves every one she’s ever visited. She figured she’d get around to it during her retirement, but got lucky with a spontaneous adventure when The Tea House in the Historic Sarasota Village was given to her.

Jill’s visited many a tea house, and she’s made her own a hodgepodge of design inspired by them all. It’s the perfect tea drinker’s getaway, because she’s created a lovely atmosphere to get away from it all.

There are more than 130 varieties of loose leaf tea available here. All can be ordered hot or iced, and sold by the cup, kettle or loose-leaf in bulk to make your favorite at home.

You can smell them before she brews them to find one that suits your fancy. Most are imported from Asia, Taiwan, China, Africa or India. All are herbicide and pesticide free.

We tried the Lavender Chair, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Carmel Apple Tea. There’s also Kombucha on tap, made an hour away in St. Pete.

Jill loves buying from small growers and family-owned farms. That’s where some of her best teas come from, she says.

“There’s a huge difference between tea houses and coffee houses,” Jill says. “Coffee houses are more about networking and business. Tea houses are more chill and become community meeting centers – great places to share great ideas.”

As such, her tea house gets busy in the evenings, unlike most coffee shops, which have their busy hours in the mornings.

Jill has noticed that in the evenings, people come in and sit separately, but they always end up moving closer to one another and conversing as night falls.

“That’s what it’s all about … my favorite thing to watch unfold,” she says.

Jill loves the people and the artists who come in, as well as the village where her shop is located. Many local artists sell their work here.

You’ll quickly notice that all of Jill’s pots are unique – that’s because they were either found in a thrift store or gifted to her by the locals, who don’t have any use for their old pots.

(Or at least that’s what they tell her, so she’ll do the work!)

The Tea House hosts Open Mic Nights every Thursday, with amazing bands and artists returning weekly. The season really kicks off in December and January, perfectly cool months for warm sips.

Although, good tea is always in season.

Happy sipping.

The Tea House is located at 1869 Fruitville Road in Sarasota FL. For more information, please visit the Tea House website or call (941) 346-6361.